DivX is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in video technology on the Web.  Compressing high quality video and sound into a relatively downloadable small file allows you to see video from the Web in full-screen and full motion.  No more small postage stamp-sized windows or jerky streaming playback!
And who wouldn't want to see these lovely, well-endowed women in the best quality possible?  That's why BosomQuest stepped up to the plate and is offering their exclusive content in the amazing new format.  Keep in mind this content must be viewed using the DivX Player™ application, which currently is available only for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Once the video content is purchased and downloaded, refunds will not be granted because of incompatible operating systems.

What is the difference between Download and Streaming?

Downloading a movie before playing it is done using the DivX™ compression format, and creates a much better viewing experience than streaming. Downloaded movies may take a little longer to download as downloaded file sizes are larger, but the results will be a high-quality full-screen viewing experience. However, the DivX Player™ does allow your file to buffer, which enables you to start watching your DivX encoded movie before the entire file has been downloaded. The length of your wait depends on your bandwidth connection. Those with cable modems may not notice a difference in download/playback time. Once downloaded, you can watch the movie again and again as long as your rental period has not expired. You just need to be connected to verify your viewing rights and it will run from your PC. 

On the other hand, streaming pushes the file to you as you are watching the movie. Streaming is aimed at low-bandwidth, low-quality small screen size viewing. But, you will receive it quickly and not have to wait. Because streaming buffers, you may begin watching the movie and then have to wait until it finishes buffering and catches up to your playback. Also, each additional time you want to watch your movie, you will have to re-stream it. For downloading, you just have to be connected to verify your viewing rights and it will run from your PC.
For more information on DivX, read the Frequently Asked Questions

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